Mapping Identity in D. H. Lawrence's Short Stories resmi

Mapping Identity in D. H. Lawrence's Short Stories

A Discursive Analysis
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Although D. H. Lawrence has always been one of the most debated authors of Modern English Literature with his several novels, his short fiction opened new horizons for the modern short story genre. Lawrence, one of England's first modernist short story writers, wrote more than fifty short stories during his 45-year lifetime. This study explores the relation between discourse, ideology and power in the process of identity formation in the selected six short stories of D. H. Lawrence: "The Prussian Officer", "The Princess", "Mother and Daughter", "The Horse Dealer's Daughter", "Tickets, Please" and "Sun". It aims to reveal how patriarchal discourses - institutional, familial and marital - function as ideological state apparatuses to produce certain subjects from the Althusserian view and how power is always present in discursive practices from the Foucauldian perspective. Therefore, this study sheds light on Lawrence's stance as an anarchic author and what constitutes the Lawrentian discourse as a modernist reflection.